Respecting you - Holistic treatments

Hand's off policy - Trust, Respect, & Boundaries

This is one of my safety policies and applies to all my treatments, and this is to guarantee your safety and bring you assurance. These treatments are therapeutic in nature - Any other nature is strictly forbidden, and completely disrespectful to the client as well as to the practitioner and you can rest assured I respect your privacy, boundaries and how you feel is of the up most importance to me.

All my holistic treatments use this method, which means I will not make direct physical contact with you. My hands will be roughly 1-2 inches above your body at all times. I am accredited by the CMA & IAHT so you can be rest assured that I have been trained with strict professionalism , I am bound by the code of conduct in which they operate. You will NEVER be asked to remove an item of clothing, all I ask is that you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, and socks if you should wish to remove your shoes.

And in regards to crystal therapy, you are free to place and remove them as you wish. NO QUESTIONS ASKED this is your choice and your right. If I need to make contact with you at any time I will always ask, and I will never knowingly make you feel uncomfortable. You can be covered with a blanket if this helps you, and direct skin contact is avoided at all times - I respect your boundaries and personal space, this applies to all gender identities.

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Bring a friend / chaperone guarantee

As a practitioner I can completely respect the concerns you may have about your safety, especially for my more personal treatments such as Reiki and crystal healing. 

This might be especially true for my female clients, and I respect your boundaries and personal space. That is why i invite to 'Bring a friend' across all my treatments, I welcome anyone to sit in either at my home or mobile service.

Your safety is my priority

I will uphold these policies with strict professionalism to ensure you have privacy, respect and integrity. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

Worried or Nervous - I understand

My Home Is Your Home

I understand when wanting to have treatment that you may prefer a certain gender, I myself am the same when it comes to GP's. It is natural to feel more at ease with someone of the same gender, and I know this is especially true for female clients.

I also understand that working from home this may leave you feeling more exposed, but I can assure you on every level that once you take that brave move to trust me it will never be doubted again.

I welcome you into my home for two main purposes, one is to ensure my prices are as low as I can get them without massive overheads - which in turn benefits my clients.

Secondly - my home is my safe haven, it is also somewhere I take great pride in. It is clean, modern and designed to give you that home feeling so you can feel right at home too. I have several options that will guarantee to ensure you are never left feeling exposed. Many clients become friends, I will welcome you like an old friend guaranteed. Scroll down to see more photos.


A complete optional extra - No obligation

I never like to over step the mark and invade your privacy, but I can offer recorded sessions if you feel this helps you to feel safe. Out of normal practice I do not keep the camera in the treatment room, so you do not feel uncomfortable. It is a portable WIFI camera, and it can be setup in around 5 minutes. If this is something you would prefer, then please let me know before your treatment so I can have it ready for when you arrive.

There is a certain stigma around male therapists in this industry - I am here to prove that I will do everything in my power to make you feel safe. This applies to all gender identities.

This is a complete optional extra for your benefit - You will be able to have access to the file whenever you want, I will also send it to you via MP4 if you wish. It will be safely stored on a private server, and no one will have access to it but me. You will be identified by patient number only, no other details will be stored.