Hello and welcome, thank you for taking the time to visit my website I hope you can find what you're looking for.

My name is Jamie Newman, MCMA. I am 32 years old and live and work in Cambridgeshire. I have completed accredited, CPD certified qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Crystal Therapy.

I have always been driven, ambitious and determined to do good. I consider myself to be sensitive, kind and I care deeply for others. I discovered through my career that I have the ability to relate to so many people, based on my own life experiences and natural ability to be sensitive.

Creating a business just for you

Bringing support to my local and surrounding community

I decided to take the biggest leap of faith and create a business that would be there for anyone who needed me, no matter where they came from, who they are or what problems they had.

I knew creating a business is this sector would be challenging, but rewarding on every level. I knew I would have to work hard, to provide you with the best success rates of recovery.

I knew I would have to overcome obstacles, to ground myself and my business to ensure that what I did was always for the benefit of you. I did not want a business that focused on high levels of client turnover, by reducing the care and commitment to each person who walked through my door.

I wanted a business that offered reliability, affordability, and above all gave access to treatments to people who could otherwise go unnoticed.

The Hypno & Healing Sanctuary

The Hypno & Healing Sanctuary was born from my dreams and aspirations, and since it's creation it has already evolved, changed and adapted to your needs.

I am able to bring you affordable prices, with all my prices being below market average. I introduced a price guarantee, that if you find it cheaper elsewhere I will match the price just for you.

I am able to bring you quality, leading industry standards through my memberships to some of the industries leading associations.

I am able to bring you my services, when and where you need me by offering an affordable mobile service.

I am able to bring you the honesty, integrity and safety you deserve through my methods of treatment. NO client will ever under any circumstance leave here feeling less than adequate - that is not just a guarantee but a promsie.

I am able to bring you a treatment room that is modern, clean, fresh and perfect for you to just relax and feel right at home - that's because it is my home and I welcome you with open arms.

I am not just a business, I am a real person with a real desire to help you bring about a better sense of wellness. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please tell me what more I can do to bring you the service you deserve - I promise if I can achieve it I will do it just for you.

So whoever you are, whoever you identity as I have one important thing you need to hear - I am always here for you, when and where you need me.