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Complete Holistic Health

I can help you ease your mind, and get to the root cause using clinical hypnotherapy. I can treat a range of issues, such as;

  • Phobias, 
  • Anxiety , 
  • Weight Control, 
  • Smoking Cessation, 
  • Confidence, 
  • Low Self Esteem, 
  • Pain management. 

I can also help you using a range of treatments aimed to help you relax, let go and gain a deeper connection to yourself. treatments such as;

  • Reiki Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy

These alternatives are non-invasive and completely therapeutic in nature.  Head over to my services page for more details and prices.

We all want a happier and healthier life so why not start yours today. I can guarantee high standards of personal and professional care, to treat you with the respect that you deserve - and to put your treatment at the top of my agenda

Your choice, to a treatment you deserve

general well being

General well being

I understand that when you are feeling down, anxious or in pain, it can take a massive toll on your health.

I want you to leave feeling refreshed, with  a new sense of freedom and free from restraints, by empowering you to take back control. Scroll down to see what I can offer you 

Its all about you

It is all about you

All my time and sessions are about you, and I am here to help you tell me what is best for you. It is about empowering you, not controlling you.

I will listen, guide, and advise you - but ultimately I am here for you to tell me what you need in order to gain the life you want for yourself. See my about you page for how I see you.

Moving forward

Once you have told me how I can help, I will help you to set goals and targets that you are comfortable with.

Together we will find a way forward, and discuss the best treatments based on what you want and how you want to move forward. 

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